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Remote Methane Detector by Gazomat

From the VP of sales and marketing.

March, 2021

CGS Inc. is now the authorized sales representative and stocking distributor for the Gazoscan handheld Remote Methane Detector (RMD) by Gazomat. The Gazoscan RMD is the latest addition to the Gazomat product line. This laser-based RMD is easy to use, hightly sensitive, and easily detects at 330 feet (100 meters) away. Being lightweight (1.68 lbs) and intrinsically safe makes this detector the ultimate tool for natural gas leak investigations and inspections in and around residential or commercial properties. Using the large LCD screen, the visual and audio alarm thresholds are configurable. And with bluetooth connectivity, all detected leak locations are saved on the Gazomat's proprietary mobile application. For more information on the Gazoscan RMD email or visit the following link: